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Are you frustrated that more people don't know about your business?  Are you frustrated with paying so-called marketing companies thousands of dollars monthly to promote your business?  Do you find it frustrating when marketing companies or magazines demand hefty fees and long-term commitments without truly understanding your business?  Are you sick and tired of watching your business fade into obscurity while lining the pockets of so-called marketing experts who couldn't sell water in a desert?  Do you want to reach a wider audience of tourists to the area and residents in the vibrant Greater Fort Lauderdale market area at a reasonable price and make more money for yourself?  

Introducing The Beachside Directory – your ticket to reaching the masses without burning through your budget.  If you want customers from the Greater Fort Lauderdale area, we offer affordable advertising options tailored to your needs without breaking the bank! 

Whether you're targeting tourists or local residents, The Beachside Directory and our sister-Happenings Facebook Groups can provide you with a platform to showcase your business and help increase your earnings.

Don't let your frustrations hold you back. Join The Beachside Directory today and watch your business soar!

Here's the Listing Plans:

Gold Listing


Get a Gold Listing by clicking here:
 Gold Listing

A Gold Listing will get you tons of features to drive more business your way.  You'll get top-level exposure and backlinks to help you rank higher across numerous search engines.  Plus we'll promote you in various local groups with tons of active members searching for locla businesses!  Together, we all go farther.  (And ... there's no long term commitment because you can cancel anytime before a payment is dues.  Plus, for a limited time, you can save money if you choose to pay annually.)

  • You'll be in the top tier of search results.
  • List in up to 6 Sub-categories.
  • Receive Direct Inquiries.
  • Back-links to your website and social media.
  • Get a Custom Cover Photo on your listing.
  • Display Your Photo Albums.
  • Accept Reviews.
  • Get a Click-to-Call button.
  • "Welcome" Posts and in our sister relevant Facebook "Happenings" Groups to thousands of our members!
  • Post Deals
  • Google Location Mapping 
  • Custom SEO Meta Tag Editing 
  • Recognition for being a Community Supporter in our sister Facebook local "Happenings" Groups
  • Get New Features as We Roll them Out
  • and more!!!

Silver Listing


Get an Silver Listing by clicking here:
Silver Listing 

If you want more exposure, more traffic, increased sales for you business and need to do it a little cheaper, a Silver Listing is the option for you.  You'll get second level exposure, your listing will show your contact information, have links to your social media sites, plus you can get customer reviews, post deals and more. 

Join now and get the benefits of a Silver Listing.  It's easy to join and get listed right away!  (For a limited time, you can save some bucks by paying annually.)

  • Tier 2 in Search Results
  • List in relevant Sub-Categories
  • Receive Direct Inquiries
  • Display your Social Media Back-Links
  • Custom Cover Photo
  • "About Me" Link
  • Display Business Hours
  • Display Website Link
  • Display Phone Number with "Click to Call"
  • Display Customer Reviews
  • Post Deals or Coupons
  • Plus more!




Get a Bronze Listing by clicking here:

 Bronze Listing

The Bronze Listing is a popular economic plan for businesses with lower priced products.  You'll still get good exposure and it's easy and inexpensive to join the Beachside Directory with a rock-bottom investment! Potential customers contact you ... they just need to search a little harder.  If your initial investment is a concern, join today and get listed with a Bronze Listing. (For a limited time, you can save on this plan with an annual payment too.) 

  • Tier 3 in Search Results
  • List in up to 3 Sub-Categories
  • Receive Direct Inquiries
  • "About Me" Information
  • Display Business Hours
  • Display Payment Types
  • Display Your Website Link
  • Display Social Media Links
  • Display Phone Number with "Click to Call"
  • Display Location Map
  • Display Customer Reviews
  • Custom Meta Tag Editing
  • Photo Album
  • Custom Cover Photo
  • Customer Reviews

Your listing works for you 24/7/365, at a fraction of the cost of an ad in a local periodical that will be in the recycle bin tomorrow!  

Get all the benefits and exposure, plus you'll be supporting our community too!  

There's a plan for every budget.  

What's the lifetime value to you of just one new customer? 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I list my business?

Travelers and locals are looking for things to do, places to stay and shops and restaurants. Don't miss out on customers that are looking for you. The cost is nominal and the return can be significant!

How long does it take to sign up?

Signing up is easy and shouldn't take more than 5 to 10 minutes.

How will people find me?

The Beachside Directory has robust search functions and allows visitors to search the entire directory or to search by category. You can also use a direct link to your listing as a "Mini-Website" that can link to your main website and your social media. The backlinks and SEO will improve your search results too.

Will new features be added?

Yes, new features and upgrades will be added to the site periodically. Check back often and see what's new. Residents and visitors are searching for businesses like yours regularly!

Hear what Liz, owner of La Capricciosa, a Lauderdale by the Sea restaurant, had to say: 

Or what Cheryl said:

Or what Linda from Monk's Wine and Liquor Cave had to say:

Or what Lars said the impact was on his hotel bookings:

"My restaurant had so much business after a promotion on your site that we ran out of food the next day.  I sold 60 Lobster Rolls that day! Thanks so much." - Brian Peters, owner of Wicked Cheesesteak

So, get your business listed in the www.Beachside.Directory, today and get more exposure to potential customers for your business!  Bring in new customers.  

Click on one of the green buttons above and sign up now!