Fun things to do at the Beach
Posted on 09/03/2022 in Category 1

Fun at the Beach

Fun at the Beach

5 Fun Beach Games

With all the great things to do on a beach vacation, there’s tons of things to do near the beach and on the beach.  Here’s some ideas (for more things to do, places to stay, restaurants, shops and more in Florida, visit,, and

1. Volleyball or Badminton 

Gather some friends and find a net!  See how many times you can hit it back and forth and keep it in play, or if your group has the competitive spirit, serve, set and smash - loser cleans the dishes - or buys the beer! You won’t find many ways to get more exercise than playing on Florida Volleyball or Badminton on Florida’s beach sand.  

2. KanJam

This Frisbee-type disc game will have your friends sweating, jumping and throwing. KanJam is played with a flying disc, two barrels and two teams, each attempting to deflect the thrown disc of their partner into a barrel. Whether you’re with just a few friends or a big group, it’s fun, fun fun. 

3. Frisbee or Football

If you’re not looking to get competitive, then pick up a Frisbee or Football. Mix it up and show off your skills with trick tosses and catches behind the back and under the legs.  Throw, run and jump!  Have fun throwing and catching.

4. Bocce Ball or Cornhole

Two simple activities that are fun for all ages, Bocce ball has been a serious pastime for generations. Put a crazy spin on your ball and out-do your opponent in this generational sport that demonstrates the perfect balance of competition and leisure.  The hard sand area makes for the perfect venue.  Cornhole boards are available at numerous venues.  Throw the bag and test your skills.

5. Go Fly a Kite

What more is there to say? These days kites can be as simple as a small Dollar Store kite that you can buy for about a buck and easily launch .. to large elaborate flying machines.    Relax with a simple kite or make it a project to get the big ones up and flying overhead.  Just be careful and respectful of those around you … some of the big guys can be dangerous indeed!